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Brockhouse Forgings
Brockhouse Forgings

Based in the West Midlands, Brockhouse supplies hammer and upset forgings from 0.5Kg to 400Kg to many industries including, mining, railways, automotive, off-highway, defence, fluid power, materials handling and many more. A significant proportion of output is exported. Founded in 1885, the company have built up a reputation for fast response problem solving in the supply of high quality and competitively priced forged solutions.

Brockhouse is a name synonymous with the forging industry in the UK and has more recently expanded its scope into added value processes such as machining, sub assembly and fabrication.

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Brockhouse ForgingsCase study Brockhouse Flightbar

Brockhouse is a leading supplier of Armoured Face Conveyor (AFC) components to the coal mining industry worldwide. Demands are increasing as mines beef up their systems with greater power, capable of moving up to 5,000 tonnes of coal per hour.

Brockhouse were challenged to take an existing part and re-engineer it to reduce weight and cost, without compromising in any way its strength and durability. Using finite element analysis (FEA) the team simulated how the flightbar would respond under expected loading conditions. In fact, they took it past its point of yield at 75kN to the point at which it broke at 350 kN. They then loaded it to 90% of its yield point and analysed the results.

BrockhouseHaving identified the low stress areas in the bar they then set about to remove material from these areas and subject the component to identical tests up to 65KN, below the yield point but sufficient to illustrate elastic deformation.

Overall Brockhouse removed 8.7% of the weight of the flightbar, maintaining its strength and reducing its cost. A win-win scenario all round.

Recent Investments

Brockhouse has had more investment in the last five years than in the last forty. Investments include a robotic grinding cell, new machining centres and lathes and in line shop blaster. Two of its largest hammers have been completely refurbished at a cost of over half a million pounds. The aim is to make Brockhouse one of the most advanced forges in the world with the best equipment and trained personnel.