Bromford Iron & Steel

Bromford Iron and Steel
Bromford Iron & Steel

Bromford has a history spanning over 200 years, but metal has been processed on the same site since 1610. The company is a leading producer of hot rolled long products and manufactures hot rolled flats, bars, sections and custom profiles from 10 to 80 mm, supplied to markets all over the world.

In addition to standard and non-standard ranges of flat bars and sections, Bromford also specialise in producing tailor made hot rolled profiles for countless applications, these can eliminate time, labour and expensive machining costs for customers.

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Bromford Iron & SteelCase study Texas, USA

We approached Bromford to produce a section we were already buying and then machining to a finished section for use in the oil industry.  Bromford confirmed they could produce the section requested but were keen to understand what the product was used for.  We explained that we machined grooves in to the top of the bar.  Bromford supplied our finished bar, eliminating our machining costs and yield loss and at an overall cost saving to us.

Recent Investments

Over £200,000 is being spent on improving energy usage and material utilisation. Supported by the Birmingham City Council – Green Bridge Fund and orchestrated by Pro Enviro, major energy saving investments are being made; including the installation of power correction units and motor inverters. Energy is such a major cost element that the management are determined to minimise its use, retaining its competitive edge.