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JA Envirotanks
JA Envirotanks

Birmingham Entrepreneur and Engineer Joseph Ash established J A Envirotanks in 1857 and have been manufacturing storage tanks in carbon and stainless steel ever since. The Envirotank product is used in quarries, distribution facilities and refuelling operations all over the UK.

Typical applications for its tanks would be vehicle or aircraft fuelling, gas oil for standby generators and boilers, diesel tanks, workshop waste oil tanks, oil storage, adblue storage and chemical process with tanks of capacity up to 200,000 litres available in open or segmented form. The Birmingham factory also produces the patented “ENVIROTANK” enclosed bunded storage tank.

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JA EnvirotanksCase study Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins planned the opening of a new distribution centre based in the North West. JA Envirotanks were requested to provide a design solution that would allow the new centre to service 50+ vehicles per day, and accommodate all the operational fluids for their fleet of commercial delivery vehicles.

Using the company’s expertise and experience the project specification was outlined, which involved determining the appropriate size and configuration of compartments and the most effective pump & dispenser layout to allow for the size of fleet operating from the depot. The solution comprised of a 200,000 litre multi compartment tank and a remote fuel island with multiple dispensers and a separate Adblue (R) dispenser.

JA Envirotanks provided the resolution direct to Travis Perkins and worked closely with the other contractors during the design and construction phases of the distribution centre, scheduled to open in early 2015. Because of the phasing of works, JA Envirotanks were asked to deliver the tank to accommodate the build programme, well within the 12 week lead time quoted. The tank was commissioned in February 2015 following the initial delivery of fuel at the time the depot was declared operational.

Recent Investment

JA Envirotanks has invested significant time in developing market leading designs for bunded storage tanks with significant USP’s for bluechip end users across diverse industrial sectors; BP (Oil & Gas), Jaguar Landrover (Automotive), Finnings (Power Generation).

The company operates from its midlands base to all areas of the UK and exports its specialist products to some clients in the oil & gas sector as far afield as Algeria. The company is investing in its core asset; people, with improvements being developed in manufacturing techniques, quality and cost control initiatives. New accounting software is also scheduled for implementation in summer 2015.