OSSL provides a service identifying potential manufacturing and supply sources in various parts of the world.  OSSL will work with its clients to understand their requirements and will then propose potential supply sources.  OSSL will normally have visited any supply source identified but cannot guarantee to have done so for all sources.

OSSL will not enter into any commercial arrangements on behalf of its clients and all commercial dealings with potential sources will be directly between the OSSL client and the source.

OSSL will not normally seek a fee from its clients but will enter into an arrangement directly with the clients supplier, any fee to be paid will be included in the price given to the supplier and monies due will be paid direct to OSSL by the supplier.

OSSL does not offer any guarantees whatsoever relating to any proposed suppliers and it is the sole responsibility of the OSSL client to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the supplier.

OSSL will monitor any on going relationship and will use its good offices to help resolve any issues as they may arise.  OSSL will maintain frequent contact with its clients as to existing and future requirements.

OSSL will liaise with its clients concerning any new sources that it believes may be of interest.